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Guerrilla Financing Tipstm

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Guerrilla Financing Tipstm Financing Books

My name is Donna Lee, the author of the 5-star rated book, Guerrilla Financing Tipstm. Over $1 Million in cash, loans, grants, and other financial benefits and free money were obtained for me in 30 years thanks to the advice in my Financing books.

 They can also assist you. Discover how to make significantly more than $100,000. You may get a copy of Guerrilla Financing Tipstm right now. In this publication, Guerrilla Financing Tipstm, New York, NY, secrets to earning over $100,000, free money, book, get a copy, get a preview, financial help, money resources, and assistance are all offered.

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I received nearly $50,000 in surprise inheritance in 2018.  Recently I received $750-$1000 Loans and Loan repayment from 3 friends and my pharmacist.  On June 6, 2022, I received a check for $12,500 from my life insurance company because of my health status.


In October 2021 I got a credit card from Bank of America with a $1,100.00 limit. I get 1.5% back on all purchases plus $200.00 if I spend $1000.00 within 90 days and I get a 0% APR for 15 months. After that, the interest is 25%. If you would like to apply call Bank of America at 800-432-1000! You can learn to survive until you thrive too! 

Also, try the Opp. Fi. Card. which is a minimum credit limit of $1,000.00 and has an APR of 35% (Not Available In New York State). 

Go to to apply. You can only apply online.

Also, try the Hebrew Free Loan Society, where you can get an interest-free loan with a cosigner. Call Maya Levy at 862-245-2994 or visit their website

Earn $50 per qualified sample with!

I've helped over 50 people get over $50,000 in unclaimed funds. My largest client had over $21,000 in free money. This could be you!!!

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Get up to $500 dollars in advance money by downloading the app called Dave. Buy my book now and get further tips on how to get cash, loans, work, and much much more!

Thank you. Good luck.